valentines present for you!

I’m just gonna go ahead and start this by showing you what you could win. Because that will definitely make you stick around.

So now that I have your attention, let me introduce Hannah from Flamingos in Raincoats (cutest blog name ever, no?).
Hi Olive & Ivy readers! My name is Hannah and I blog over at Flamingos in Raincoats. I’m so thankful that Chelsea has let me spend time on her sidebar over the last month and as a thank you, I’m giving one lucky reader the sweetest gift! No matter your relationship status, I think that valentine’s day is a time to celebrate, and if not a time to celebrate love than to celebrate friendship and the people who make us happy every day. 

I’ve chosen to give away a Valentine’s gift this year that includes some pretty awesome stuff: a mustache mug, felt heart bag, stickers, personalized Valentine’s card, Essie nail polish, Bath & Body Works lotion and hand sanitizer, glass magnets, and heart cupcake liners. Let’s be honest… I loved this gift so much that I bought a lot of duplicate items for myself! I can’t wait to mail this package out! In the meantime, I hope you’ll stop by to say hello on my blog. 

Great to meet you all! 

Uh. Is she the sweetest ever or not? At this point, it would pretty impossible to say not. And that gift…y’all (it seemed appropriate to say that word at this time, even though I’ve never said it my life. Did I even spell it right?) know I LOVE a good giveaway. Or any giveaway for that matter. What can I say? I love free stuff. BUT SERIOUSLY. I am crying a little inside that I can’t enter this. And I know pretty much everyone ever that hosts a giveaway on their blog that says that but I’m NOT EVEN JOKING. That mustache mugs kills me. Want want want. So anyways, get yourself over to Flamingos in Raincoats and give Hannah the biggest thanks of your life, cause she definitely is deserving it.
PS – I totally agree with her Valentine’s day view. How awesome is she?


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