Time to Relax

Hi all you pretty people! My name is Rachel and I blog over at lala Lists

You may have heard me mentioned a bit round here… Chels vlogged about our friendship and my indecisiveness a few weeks ago… then I shared embarrassing photos of her! Well as you know Chelsea is traveling for the next little bit, so I am going to be pop in and out for the next week or so to lend a hand!

But because I now how super busy, crazy, and maddening our lives can be I thought we would take it slow – I don’t want to overwhelm you of course! Quite the opposite in fact. I want ya’ll to relax.

Which is why for today I am not going to convince you why you should visit me. In fact, instead of 1293 reason why you should follow me all I brought along with me today is a little giveaway. The Grand Prize winner will win a giveaway box (explained here) as well as a month of large ad space on my blog. The three runner ups will recieve two months of medium ad space each! So enter away, stay relaxed, and say hi, because I would love to meet you!

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To go with the giveaway, you use the code LOVELALA on Latika Soap’s Etsy shop to get 20% off. And every purchase over $20 from their website will receive a pink cupcake as a gift! 

See y’all around!

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