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Isn’t my post title just so catchy? Okay on second thought, maybe not. Whatevs. Today I wanted to have a little chat about skin. Mine is pale and freckly. No, I’m kidding, that’s not what we’re here to talk about. I want to talk about getting all up in that skin. This is making NO sense, I realize. I’m sorry, but I’m just going with it.

My skin, other than being Casper-the-friendly-ghost-white, has actually done me fairly well over the years. I’ve very fortunately never had much of a problem with acne, and when I do get a pimple it’s a very rare occasion (but let’s not talk about how when I do get them they are usually dead center of the tip of my nose or somewhere equally obnoxious).

I do, however, get crazy dry skin. It’s always been a tolerable issue that is easily fixed with a heavy moisturizer once or twice a day. Since I have moved to live in New Zealand though, my skin has succumbed to it’s apparent environmental allergies and I have been covered in eczema ever since. I have become known as an “itcher”, which honestly is a really gross thing. I am constantly itchy and itching. I can’t wait to move back to Canada JUST to have my own normal dry skin back! I didn’t want to turn this into an eczema post though, because I’ve already had an eczema rant on here before, but I do want to quickly add that Aveeno Skin Relief moisturizer is the only product (besides steroid creams, but I avoid using those as much as possible) that stops the itching and gets rid of my eczema temporarily, and I have tried EVERYTHING. So if you have it, seriously try that.

Now, I was thinking last night about how much wear and tear my skin has taken this year with all the eczema and sunburns I’ve had in NZ, and I decided that when I move home and all my eczema clears up (here’s to praying that it actually does), I want to implement a good skin care routine. That being said, I don’t have much of an idea where to start! Here is a bunch of products that I’ve been interested in trying:

skin care wants

I’m sure a sponsor of mine, Bonnie, would have a few suggestions for me! Bonnie is an independent consultant for Rodan + Fields Dermatologists, a company that sells affordale skin care products for all types of skin.

Bonnie loves to help entrepreneurs and MOMpreneurs (clever, right?!) create their own successful and legitimate businesses from home working with Rodan + Fields, so if that sounds like it’s up your alley then you should definitely be checking out Bonnie’s R+F site. Be sure to follow Bonnie’s Twitter account as well, @boatingBonnieC, as he is always posting helpful articles on working from home and the like!

Do you have any product suggestions for dry skin, or have you tried any of the above?


  1. says

    I swear by Garnier and Neutrogena.
    Look, as long as you exfoliate the skin and moisturize, you will look fab longer. I should know… I’m going to be 37 and still pass for 25.

  2. says

    You’re lucky you have nice skin, my skin is VERY acne prone. I have to conciously make sure I don’t touch my face or lean my face against my hand… it’s annoying! I use ProActiv which helps, but does dry out my skin sometimes. I use the Body Shop Viatmin E line for face moisturizer and love it! :)

  3. Richelle Lynn Garn says

    There is nothing wrong with having ghost white skin. I used to get chastised for my fairness of skin and for not tanning. I don’t regret it. Wrinkle free in the future.

  4. says

    Here’s my take on dry skin. I don’t use any of the products you mentioned, but these are a few things I do:

    1. After a bath/shower, do not dry off. Apply a baby oil gel. That will trap the moisture in. Then you can put on your pjs and socks. The next day your skin will retain the moisture but won’t be greasy.

    2. I have sensitive skin (on my face in particular), but sometimes after I wash my face, if I don’t use Oil of Olay, I’ll use a small squirt of aloe vera gel and dot of jojoba oil as a moisturizer.

    3. I also have found that creams work better for me than thin lotions. When I use a good cream based “lotion” it lasts longer even after I wash my hands. And if you’re into DIY stuff, play around with shea butter or any of the other butters.

    Hope this helps!

  5. says

    I have eczema too. I haven’t tried the CeraVe Cleanser but I love their moisturizer. Another thing that really helps is being in the sun. Someone once told me that the vitamin D does wonders for eczema and they were right! That’s one reason my skin gets so bad in the winter. The laundry detergent you use can also play a huge factor in skin irritation. I don’t even buy store bought detergent anymore. I make mine at home.

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