spring trends with lauren

Hi Olive & Ivy readers!  I’m Lauren from Pink on the Cheekand I am taking over Chelsea’s blog. By her request. I can’t say enough good words about Chelsea.  Words like: Hilarious. Supportive. Inspiring. Design-Obsessive. That last one is the reason we get along so well.  We both go crazy for fonts, layouts, color schemes… it makes me feel pretty good that I am not alone in this! With spring right around the corner, I am looking forward to a few trends that I have seen in magazines.

Bold black and white patterns

I love black and white patterns. It can be very simple to add these pieces to your wardrobe then if you want a pop of color I would pair it with a statement necklace!

Flowers and Bermuda Shorts

I am a fan of Bermuda shorts but since I’m just 5ft tall, they make me look short. But in hot weather, I cannot wear short shorts to work.  So I would pair my Bermuda shorts with wedges to lengthen my legs. 

Tribal Prints
I am looking forward to this trend the most. I love bold colors and patterns. If you want to incorporate this trend into your spring wardrobe, you can do something easy like tribal Toms. But I am LOVING this aztec sweater! It’s perfect for bonfires on the beach late at night.

So, thanks Chelsea for allowing me to take over your blog!  You are such a sweetheart and I know you are having a blast on your break!

Well thank YOU Lauren for guest posting when I asked you to the day before I left, HA. I have the worst timing, I know. See you all in six more days!!


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