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Hello all of Kendra’s readers! My name is Chelsea and I blog over at Olive & Ivy, a lifestyle, fashion & design blog. I also dabble in blog design when I am not working my full time job of being a kayak instructor. I am super excited to be on Kendra’s blog today reaching out to a new group of people that I haven’t met yet!

Today I wanted to share a bit of my personal style with you lovely ladies. Getting dressed is one of my most favorite parts of the day. I love, love, love fashion and trying new things.. but here’s the catch: I do it on the CHEAP. I like to keep my closet full of basic, classic pieces and mix in new, trendy pieces often. I hate wearing the same thing over and over, so I do my best to mix it up! I am very, very frugal with my clothes shopping and I personally prefer quantity over quality when it comes to clothing. I have a few staple pieces that I have spent a bit of money on for the quality, but when it comes to trendy pieces, I definitely stay on the cheap side. Because who says those polka dot skinnies are still going to be cool in a year?

This long cardigan was a super cheap buy at $15, the boots were part of a 2 for $40 deal and the black tee and leggings were probably around $5 each. It all makes for a simple, comfy, but still put together outfit.

I am a big fan of statement pieces. This tribal print skirt is the perfect statement piece for a girl with a booty. It’s crazy patterns camouflage the hips and bum area and give you a nice shape! The tank was thrifted, the skirt I believe was around $30 (a pricier piece in my books, but fits great and is made well), and the sandals were $8.
Check this out… almost the exact same outfit but a totally different look/vibe! Another statement skirt, but this one only cost me $10. It just goes to show how one piece can totally change up an outfit!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit about me and my cheap-fashion-loving ways a bit more! Come and check out my blog, Olive & Ivy, where I have tons more outfit posts as well as tons of more fun stuff. I also have a huge blogiversary giveaway up and running as well, so be sure to come and enter! And a big thankyou to Kendra for having me today! xoxo