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Cute Nurseries For My Non-Existent Child

Hello ladies and potentially also gentleman! My name is Chelsea and I am the blogger and blog designer behind Yours Truly. On my blog, you’ll find a bit of everything: fashion & style, design, deep and meaningfuls, and some daydreaming about beautiful things for my non-existent house. Kerry was kind enough to let me have a little take-over of her blog today.. and so I thought I’d share with you something that I spend a lot of time thinking about. Know what that is? Baby. Fever. Oh, I’ve got it. I’ve got it bad.

 Now, I’m only in my very early twenties, as my boyfriend continuously points out when I start on my wedding/baby rants. So instead of actually having babies and weddings at the moment, I peruse Pinterest for great ideas for baby showers and nurseries and my future wedding. Typical Pinterester, I know. I’ve got some real goodies for you today… some super cute nurseries for my non-existent child!!


This is such a perfect color scheme if you decide not to find out the gender beforehand.

Yellow and grey chevron? The. Best. I am in love with the statement wall and pops of color.


This is such a dream. If you couldn’t tell, I’m not huge on the whole blue/pink thing. I like these

neutral rooms with pops of bright color! The wall in this room is absolutely amazing. It is a dark

paint color but brightened up with lots of white and bright blue. This room is absolutely perfect.


Now I said I wasn’t huge on pink, but I didn’t mention that coral is my favorite color. This room

is such a lovely room for a little girl if you are big on the nurseries that scream the gender of your

littles. This room is made even more amazing with the aqua accents and the simplicity of it all.

Thank you so much to Kerry for having me for the day! I can’t wait til the day that I have my own

little one and I can decorate his or her nursery just like one of these beauties!

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Small Office Spaces

Hi everyone! My name is Chelsea and I am a 20-something blogger and blog designer at Yours Truly. I live in Auckland, New Zealand with my Kiwi boyfriend, but I am from and will be returning to Vancouver, Canada in spring of 2013…with aforementioned Kiwi boyfriend in tow! My favorite things in this lovely thing called life are cats {crazy cat lady}, graphic design, eating edamame for every meal and fashion/style

When my boyfriend and I move back to Vancouver, we will be moving into our very first apartment together. We have lived together since before we were even dating {weird story, we both lived at our place of work which is where we met, anyways…} so this isn’t something new, but it will finally be just US. No living with his parents, or my parents, or with other people. Just us. And I can’t wait!

One of the main things I will be looking for when we go apartment-hunting will be potential for an office space. I plan to be designing mostly full-time while also attending graphic design school so this office space will be a pretty handy thing to have. Now, Vancouver is not a cheap city to live in. Far from, in fact. But it is beautiful and we are willing to spend the extra money to live in such a great place. However, there is no way we’d be able to afford a 2-bedroom {or 1 bedroom, 1 office} place. I have come to terms with this fact and have already started my research on some to.die.for. teeny-tiny office spaces. 

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