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Hey Ladies! I’m back! (If you missed me earlier, Hi! I’m Rachel, I blog over at lala Lists, I’ve been filling in a bit round here while Chels is road tripping! You can see my earlier posts here and here).

Chelsea is back soon so this will my last post on O&I for a bit. So I thought I would go out with a little bit of a bang!

As a graphic design student I am always trying to find the pretty in things. I am that girl whose has bookmarks and screenshots and magazine tear-outs of things that I love and find inspiring. One thing that I really love to look at are typographic prints and posters. I love the combinations of letters and imagery to make something so simple, become a work of art. One place that I can never find exactly what I want, however, is phone wallpapers. I can never find the perfect quote or right design to suite my needs. So I thought I would come to blogland to ask for help!

A few weeks ago I started asking for bloggers to submit quotes for a mystery project, and boy did they come through! I got almost 100 quotes, and let me tell you, narrowing it down was no easy feat! Well I took the quotes and and a little design magic to bring you six iPhone wallpapers!

Available for iPhone 4 & iPhone 5. To download the wallpapers click here.

I had so much fun with this little project, I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do, and I really hope I get to see you around lala soon!

The floral elements are from the Ink Nest


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