mother’s day gift guide

This post was created in collaboration with Uncommon Goods. All thoughts and opinions remain my own, as well as the gift guide choices.


I’ll be honest here. I usually forget about Father’s Day and Mother’s Day until about three days before- every. single. year. I’m a terrible child, I KNOW- but I promise I do love my parents. They are the best. I just have the worst memory and if it’s not written on a sticky note attached to my forehead, then I can promise you I will forget.


This leads to me scrambling at the last minute to find the perfect gift- meaning my mom ends up getting a whole bunch of Reisens, some bubble bath and a stack of magazines (that she fondly calls “smag rags”, hahahaha). She really does love all this stuff, but I’m sure she’d be open to some change in the Mother’s Day routine. This year, I am scoping out some great gift ideas in advance. While I’m not actually going to get her anything that I’m about to include in the Mother’s Day Gift Guide list below (because she’s this blog’s number one fan and reads/shares/shouts from the rooftops about every single post I make on here… so I can’t tell her what I’m getting her of course!), these could all be great options for your mama or grandma!


mothers day gift guide


1. this wine tasting flight would go perfectly with a few bottles of wine and a girl’s night in with mom.

2. this handcrafted pedestal jewelry holder is perfect for the mom that has a huge jewelry collection.

3. the aquamarine branch ring… ummm, can I be an honorary mom this year? I want this!

4. the “a mother’s love is beyond measure” spoon set is too cute!

5. this ceramic countertop compost container is perfect for the do-good mom constantly looking over your shoulder when you throw things in the trash (yes mom, I’m looking at you)!

6. these micro-green kits are a great gift for that mom who spends too much time trying to grow new vegetables from old vegetable stalks because Pinterest told her to (I’m still looking at you mother dearest…) ;)

7. this “a year of gratitude” stationery set is a nice idea for the mom who is constantly dishing out thank you cards to everyone. I think I want this set for myself too!

8. these lotus earrings made of vintage glass beads are perfect for the mom who likes to dress up.


What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day? Or are you like I normally am- remembering a couple days in advance and running out to the store to come up with something great ASAP? Be sure to check out Uncommon Goods this year for unique gift items that your mama is sure to love!


    • Chelsea says

      So many fun things on that site! I literally can be on there for like an hour just looking at all the cool things.

  1. says

    the ceramic compost containers are gorgeous!! i adore them!! i’m not sure we could do them, i have a 4, 6 and 8 year old who help bring the compost down to the bin and that’s risky business.

  2. says

    I always get tripped up because it was just Mother’s Day in the UK last week I believe and I’m like wait… oh nevermind we still have a few more weeks for us in the US. hahaha! As a mom, I would love any of these. The jewelry tray is really cute.
    Melissa recently posted…7UP Pound Cake

  3. says

    I always luck out in this department. My dad’s birthday is around Mother’s Day and my mom’s birthday is around Father’s Day, so I just get them both a gift in May and June and then Hallmark tells me which is which lol I’m a horrible child too. But I love the spoon set and the jewelry holder. Mom has been hinting at needing one after all!

    Chelsea recently posted…Fashion Week: Meet Danielle of Goodwillista!

  4. says

    Oh my gosh, I’m the same way! I’m always scrambling to shop a few days before mother’s or father’s day! These are all great gift ideas. I seriously need to get my mother that jewelry holder, she has so much and it’s all in this keepsake box tangled like a nightmare! Lol, you just made my shopping easier, thanks!

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