Goals for 2013

I did a post yesterday on my resolutions for this new year, and today I have a list of my goals for the year. I think of these as two separate things. Resolutions being general things to improve my quality of life and myself, and the goals as more specific ideas that I want to accomplish in the next year. A bucket list of sorts…but for the year. I will probably reference and update this post throughout the year to keep track of how I’ve done. Here we go!

1) Travel around New Zealand a bit more before I leave.

2) Move back to Canada. We have our flights mentally booked for March 1st but we can’t book them until we are back from our trip tomorrow.

3) Have the blog reach 4,000 GFC followers. Am I dreaming? Probably. Am I allowed to dream? Definitely.

4) Turn blogging and design into my full-time job.

5) Start courses in graphic and web design.

6) Save $25,000 AND pay off my student loan debt.

7) Get our own place in Vancouver. Something amazing that we love.

8) Volunteer at an animal shelter. More than once. Often, even.

9) Do something awesome next Christmas. Adopt a family, Operation Shoebox, clothing drive…all of the above?

10) Make my parents fall in love with Vancouver.

11) Catch up to the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy (I just started season one!!)

12) Learn to carve (snowboarding).

13) Make a snowman with Cole. With a corn cob pipe and a button nose. And two eyes made out of coal. Actually, a carrot nose.

I will probably add to this list as I think of things, but until then…bring it on, 2013!


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    love these goals! i def need to volunteer at an animal shelter as well :) come move to the US or i’ll move to New Zealand so we can make it happen ha!

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    Paying off student loans is a HUGE accomplishment, I hope you achieve that girlfriend! Caleb and I, after marriage, hope to have all of ours paid off in 2 years! Can’t wait. Happy new year girl!

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    love how you differentiate resolutions vs. goals. very true!!

    have fun in NZ while you’re there.. it’s a GORG country with beautiful landscaping! i have family that lives in christ church and they always rant and rave about their scenery!

    xoxo, Bev

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    Hey! I found you thru Erin at liy blog. I remember commenting on an instagram photo from a long time ago and just never got to your blog lol my bad.
    What drew me was your posts about anxiety. I too have suffered with it and I like to write it about it too. I took sort of a blogging break lately though. But anyways just wanted to say hi and I can totally relate!
    Also, grey’s anatomy is addicting and I’ve watched all the seasons on Netflix twice now haha so yeah yu should totally watch them ;-)
    Xoxo TJ

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    A great list. Grey’s Anatomy is one of my favourite shows, I am up to date with it but I started watching them from the be ginning again a while back and am now mid way through season five. Good luck with the saving and paying off the student loan, I finished paying off my student loan this month, so happy!

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