clip clip hooray!

Before I start on the actual post, I wanted to make a quick note that if for whatever reason you happened to go perusing my archives, you will find them bare-ish. I have removed a whole lot of just terrible posts that have no purpose in life and I’m not sure why I wrote them, a few posts that I have decided are about things I no longer wish to share with the world, AND pretty much all of my Pinterest-related posts are gone. This is purely out of fear of being sued for copyright infringement for using someones images without permission…so yeah. I’m going to be very careful in my photo selection for posts in the future! Just letting you all know ;) Anyways…

A while ago, a sweet girl named Bethany from Life Unexpected won ad space for my blog in a giveaway. When I saw the amazingness that is her shop, I was excited to have her on board. She sells so many super pretty pieces in her shop, ClipClipHooray.

That bronze infinity bracelet is most definitely my favorite. ClipClipHooray is full of vintage-inspired jewelry. Bethany also specializes in custom word definition pendants and hand-stamped charms! How is that for a personalized birthday or Christmas present?
Bethany is giving you the chance to win a personalized necklace from her shop. And if you can’t wait to see if you’ve won, you can also get 15% off your ClipClipHooray order with the code Your15!


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