weekend pretties #2

I love bright pinks and oranges all mixed together. It’s one of my favorite color schemes, actually! The colors are just so fun and all different shades mesh together so well. This, of course, makes for bright and funky artworks, clothing and everything else. Make sure you go see what Paige has done for Fashion Fancies with this same color palette this weekend!

image source: publicdomainpictures.net by Vera Kratochvil


  1. ahhh so pretty. I love these posts :D

  2. It’s all beautiful x

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  3. You’re from Vancouver! Awesome! Me too :-)

  4. gorgeous color palette! New follower.

    -Bree @ aBreeFashion.blogspot.com

  5. I love this! so pretty.

  6. awh, sorry you didn’t win the giveaway! haha still, glad you left a comment so I could find your lovely blog :) super pretty!


  7. hey amazing giveaway you have going on on here!!
    I’m participating for a chance to win!

    MY blog needs it!thanky you for advertising this giveawayy!

    Bea =)

  8. Gorgeous!

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