The Festive Pineapple Top

I wore this pineapple top allllll summer long. Any time I wondered what would be a good choice of attire for some random event (such as the Pride Parade downtown, beach fireworks, various shopping/lunch trips with friends, etc), I immediately went for the pineapple top. So often, in fact, that I took to calling it the “festive pineapple top”, because it was always down for a good time. My friends and Cole even know this as the festive pineapple top, hahaha. That’s how many times I’ve worn it this summer.

pineapple tank #riffrafflove

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Floral Shorts and a Full Plate

Do you ever have those times in life when you’re just SO ridiculously busy that you feel like you’ll never be able catch up on anything? I am definitely in one of those times right now. Don’t get me wrong, I like to be kept busy.. but when you’re the only employee of a business, taking a day or two off is a huge setback.

Not only do I run my own design business, but I also try to keep up with this blog and have been testing out another source of income, selling my clothes and some jewelry on my Instagram closet account, which has all added up to a full, full plate lately. It’s nice that I am cleaning out my closet and making some extra bucks, but it’s also pretty crazy how much time adding one thing to an already overflowing to-do list can really get you so much more behind on everything.

I’ve also come to realize that summer is so close to being over and I haven’t done nearly as much as I had hoped (I guess that comes with being a bit of a workaholic). I have been squeezing in some last-minute summer activities while it’s still hot out, like having a beach day last week, doing the Color Run on Saturday (I’ll put up a post on this soon! It was so fun!), hiking on Sunday and playing pitch-and-putt golf with a bunch of friends yesterday. It’s been busy. And I’ve been wearing lots of floral (like that casual lead-in to the post? hahahah).

floral shorts

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$300 Anthropologie Giveaway

I’ve teamed up with my blogger friends to bring you a giveaway with an amazing prize for one lucky reader! We’re giving away a gift card to one of our favorite stores — Anthropologie! The lucky winner will win a $300 Anthropologie gift card just in time for some fall shopping… and it just might be you.

anthropologie giveawayImage via Unsplash

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$100 Target Giveaway

$100 to spend at Target is like.. I don’t even know. Shopping heaven. You could get so many great things. 100 fun things from the $1 clearance? New fall clothes? Pretty house decorations? Makeup? ALL THE THINGS, basically, so don’t miss out on the chance to win this $100 Target giveaway!

$100 Target Giveaway

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Irresistible Me Extensions Review

In April I made a stupid life choice and cut off my super long hair. Yes, there are worse life choices I could be making, but my hair is serious business to me. I started to regret my actions about a week after cutting it really short (short for me, it was about collarbone length which it hasn’t been in years) and looked straight into getting extensions. It just so happened that I was contacted by Irresistible Me to see if I was interested in giving their extensions a trial run right around the time I started looking and obviously I wasn’t going to say no to such a perfect offer! I have had a bad experience with getting extensions off the internet before though, so I was a tad skeptical.

I went with the Royal Remy line and chose the 200g weight option. I had never seen a weight option with extensions before, and my previous bad experiences buying extensions online were due to getting really thin wefts of hair. I went with the 18 inch royal light brown because my hair is in between red and brown, and the reds are usually too red for me. I also wanted the option of dying them a little more red if need be rather than trying to get red to brown. When they arrived in the mail, I was SO excited to clip them in and see how they looked!

Irresistable Me extensions review

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