Flowy White Dress

This is quite possibly my most favorite outfit post ever because this flowy white dress is quite possibly my most favorite ever. And these are my favorite earrings, for that matter. Okay, and my favorite sandals too. I just love everything about this outfit! I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

white flowy dress + neutral accessories

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Floral Tunic

This floral tunic is such a bright and cheery piece in my wardrobe. For the most part, my closet is pretty full of neutral and darker jewel-toned colors as they generally go best with my skin tone and hair color. There are the rare occasions, however, that I am sucked in by a bright, fun piece just like this floral tunic from Annie Jean Apparel. The length of this top is perfect too, as I could totally pair this with leggings or boyfriend jeans in fall!

floral tunic

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Wardrobe Staple: Versatile Dressy Top + Giveaway

A piece in my wardrobe that I wear often and can pair with everything is the “versatile dressy top”. You have your versatile casual tops, like my favorite black tee that I posted about last week, that pair with everything casual… but when you want to dress up, what go-to top do you have? For me, it’s this layered white tank from Shop 1802. It pairs with cute shorts, high waisted skirts, tucked into boyfriend jeans and my personal favorite, with leather pants. It’s just so simple, clean cut and pretty- it really is a wardrobe staple!

tribal print shorts

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JLeer Jeans + $50 Cash Giveaway

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Casual Summer Outfit

If there is one thing I go for on an almost always basis when getting dressed everyday, it’s absolutely comfort. This past weekend, Cole and I decided to finally hit up the Richmond night market for the first time this year. It’s basically this HUGE market with all sorts of Asian cuisine food trucks (like, tons and tons and toooons of places to choose from) with the occasional random thing thrown in there like swirly potatoes on a stick (my most favorite thing ever, I waited like half an hour in a line to get one.. so worth it!) and waffles. There’s also some shopping, but we definitely go for the food. So obviously, with all this walking around to try all the yummies plus the public transit travel it took to get there (it’s a bit of a mission for us but entirely worth it), I HAD to wear something comfortable.

casual summer outfit

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